We have two unique traditional log cabins available. The foresters dovetail wagon, which provides an option of total secluded privacy, and ‘The Hobbit House,’ which offers visitors a stay in an authentic log building wood yard surrounded by tall trees, timber and all things wooden.

1. The Forrester’s Dovetail Wagon is tucked away in its own woodland glade, surrounded by wild garlic and bluebells and overlooking a field where you can watch the sheep graze. An outdoor fire pit and benches, outdoor cooking area and compost loo all accompany the wagon in their own small clearing of our twelve-acre woodland.

2. The Hobbit House is a traditional Canadian full scribe log cabin settled into a small forest of Norway Spruce. The Hobbit house has its own outdoor fire pit and cooking area and its own compost toilette. The cabin also has a raised patio with out-door seating. This cabin shares the forest with another full scribe log cabin. It’s access route opens out onto a working timber yard so during the day time you will be able to hear the sounds of woodwork. We run Log Cabin and Timber-framed building courses from Woodenway’s and use the Timber yard to build commissions, so the hobbit house could provide the perfect stay for those with an interested in traditional woodwork.

Both Cabins come fully furnished inside and include a double bed, sofa seating area, table, wood burning stove, water vase, stove kettle and drinking mugs and tea bags. Both cabins have a solar power supply, so you can use the lights and electric to charge devices however please refrain from using anything that requires a large amount of power – anything larger than a mobile phone or laptop charger will blow the fuse!

Although both cabins are best suited for couples, we welcome bigger groups and families and you are welcome to make use of the surrounding land to pitch tents and extend your camp area.

Shared Facilities:

The Log Built Sauna is available for visitors staying in either cabin. The sauna is heated by a log burning stove and hot rocks.

The Bath House is a beautiful timber-framed building available to visitors from both cabins. The bathhouse offers a walk in shower, large bath and a double sink all of which run of a water pump and off-grid rain water gas heated system.

The Twelve Acre Woodland to the back of belongs to us at Woodenways and is openly available to walk and wildlife watch, you may spot owls, badgers, foxes, deer’s and much more.

The Pasture and Stables We offer grazing pasture and shelter for riders who wish to bring their own horses and explore the local bridal routes, and can offer our own horse to ride for those experienced riders.

The Canoe is available to be made use of during your stay here and we highly recommend a trip down the beautiful great western canal if you fancy it!

The Wifi Hub is available in the wood-yard if needed for planning excursions etc, however neither cabin is provided with its own wifi – we think this adds to the experience.

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