Jacob’s Hut

Jacob’s Hut is situated in a hidden Devon valley that is only 10 minutes from the edge of Dartmoor. We are down a private road that looks across to Thrushelton Church making it a great place for couples who want to have a romantic break in the countryside with plenty of candles supplied! You have a private shower room which is only 60 paces away in a modern extension to our cottage. This is also where you have access to power points, WiFi and a hairdryer should you need it. Please note there is no electricity at the hut. For cooking there is a firepit with dutch oven or at the side of the hut there is a covered area with gas barbecue and boiling ring. This is a great area for visiting Dartmoor, the North Cornish Coast and numerous National Trust properties. All bedding and towels supplied plus store cupboard essentials.

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