DevonGlamping.uk has more glamping options in Devon than any other website, making it the place to go for glamping in Devon.

This website is provided by Bulworthy Project as part of a collaborative approach to working with other small businesses.

The idea for the website came about when we were looking into how to promote our little cabin in the woods. When we spoke to people who provide glamping accommodation, they all advised us to pay Google and Facebook for advertising and list it on Airbnb. We try to avoid giving money to multinational corporations wherever possible, so we looked at other options. There are various websites that advertise glamping accommodation and take a commission of up to 30%. There are other websites that charge an annual fee. The result of this is that a large amount of money leaves the local economy into the pockets of these marketing companies. We’re all up for cutting out the middle-man wherever possible, so we created DevonGlamping.uk, with the idea to reduce marketing costs, not just for ourselves, but for every small business providing glamping accommodation in Devon.

Listings on the site are provided free to small independent businesses without any obligation on their part.

If you would like to list your glamping business on the site, please contact email us at: info@devonglamping.uk

It is our hope that in the spirit of co-operation, the businesses listed here and others who are interested in assisting small businesses will promote this website through links on websites and mentions in social media.